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My name is Mau Piana,
an amateur nature photographer, madly in love with the place where I live: Prato Nevoso and the Mondolé landscape in the Ligurian Alps.

The purpose of this site is essentially to try to convey the simple natural emotions that this place, its mountains and its valleys are capable of making available.

Located as they are in the very core of the Ligurian Alps, Prato Nevoso, the Mondolé territory and the Ligurian Alps themselves, although they never reach particular heights - max. height at the Marguareis peak, 2651 high - as a result of the special structure of the local mountains and due to the proximity to the Mediterranean sea can offer both the beauties of typical mountain surroundings and wide horizons as well as grand views with spectacular light games.

Most of the pictures included in the site - indeed not all of them - have been taken at times when it is unusual to walk out and in special weather conditions when cold, wind and fog do not tempt to stay outside in the open air. This has been done precisely with the purpose of grabbing in the pictures the best conditions when such events as reflection, refraction, absorption and transmission of the light show themselves at best. As a matter of fact, I have tried to fix in the different files as best as I could the visible electromagnetic spectrum that exactly at these times makes available the best moments for observation of light tones.

In my view these photographic reproductions should be interpreted in their mere simplicity as the subjects reproduced - such as dawns, sunsets etc. - that nowadays could perhaps be considered commonplace, indeed contain and express beauty and sense of life - at least for a few moments during any day.

I have taken the decision to put these pictures on the internet also thanks to the favorable views expressed by the people of Prato Nevoso and by a number of tourists who have encouraged me to publish my pictures after the postcards that I had previously published. These widespread consents have strengthened my conviction that my pictures may perhaps contribute to best represent Prato Nevoso as well the whole Mondolé landscape. On the other hand I would point out that this site does not presume to be the web space of a professional photographer. Let me add that I consider myself an amateur photographer.

Have a look at my pictures and let me have your comments, if any.